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Samba share won't map by name 01/02/2018
If a Samba share will map by ip address instead of the Netbios name, make sure nmb, the netbios server is running.
SSL Certificate won't work on IIS 11/23/2017
If you just installed a new certificate on IIS and you get an error that connection is insecure, make sure you bind the new certificate to each site.
Why is Thunderbird email client so slow? 11/08/2017
There may be lots of reasons for slowness, but one big reason might be that it's rebuilding some of its internal indexes. Go to Tools/Activity Manager to see what type of activities might be slowing Thunderbird down.
Selinux resetting attributes for folder 11/01/2017
If you need to reset attributes for an entire folder, try: restorecon -RFvv /folder
How do I remove old kernels from Ubuntu /boot 11/01/2017
For over 16.04 sudo apt-get autoremove
How to get the Program Files dir in Windows c++ 04/18/2017
Here's some psuedocode. Hopefully the external references are self-explanatory. One thing that's important to understand is that when running a 32 bit app, FOLDERID_ProgramFilesX86 and FOLDERID_ProgramFiles will both return the x86 version of the program files folder. I'm not sure what the behavi
File Explorer flashes then closes in Windows 04/10/2017
We had a problem where File Explorer would open, flash a black screen, then close. What fixed it to go to File Explorer options, and clear the recently used file and folder history. Alternatively, you could set File Explorer to open to This PC instead of Quick Access.

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